It’s Winter! Head for the beach.

Winter BeachA caravanning holiday in winter has a lot going for it, especially to beachside (or river) areas! The first plus is that you can often score the caravan site of your choosing and because it is out of peak time they can be cheaper too. We always try to get a beachfront site where you can see and hear the waves and watch storms as they come in. There are many great waterfront caravan parks in SA within an hour or two of Adelaide and they would all welcome visitors in the quieter months. Free camps can also be easier to get.

Travelling off peak and out of the most popular seasons is also great for the local businesses with shopping and dining out less crowded and the locals have more time for a friendly chat to pass on some local knowledge. You can find out the best places to see and things to do according to the locals not necessarily the brochures.

If you’re lucky, some parks allow small braziers for a fire or have camp kitchens with cosy fires all ready to go. If not you will more than likely find an obliging pub somewhere with a wood fire going. A perfect reason to drop in for a meal and a glass of red.

As for what to do on winter beach holidays, taking a brisk walk on a beach in winter especially with your favourite four legged friend is really invigorating. Try finding walking trails or drive to some scenic lookout spots. You can get some spectacular dark and stormy photos or rainbows if you’re lucky too which is a great incentive to get out and about.

Winter, beach, whale, what more could you want?

Should the weather turn particularly bad then there is also the chance to settle in and catch up on reading that book or a magazine or two you’ve been meaning to read. Indulge! Put your feet up, snuggle up with a blanket and just enjoy being away from home and the everyday for a while.