Another road trip over

The Rig

The journey has finished but the memories will stay forever. Plenty of new towns discovered and destinations to be revisited!  The best thing about the driving holiday is getting to visit little and not so little gems of towns that you may or may not have heard of before, but feeling you’ve discovered a secret place that people need to know about. Throughout our journey one of the highlights was always the friendly, helpful, upbeat people who when they knew we were travelling through were more than happy to let us in on what their corner of Australia had to offer and what we “must see / must do” if you’ve got the time.  We took their advice and when time permitted, we saw, we did, we loved it, and we’ll be back!  There are a few things on the list to look forward to next time.

The trip was a mix of early mornings, long hours on the road with rest stops and quick overnight don’t bother unhitching stays. To days of lounging, soaking up the much missed sun and just being thankful for, and in awe of, all that this beautiful country has to offer. Serenity on white sand, no crowd beaches, beautiful ancient feeling rainforests, incredible mountain top views and edge of the country never ending seascapes.  Keep looking at the gallery pages for some of the stunning places we were lucky to visit in Queensland and New South Wales.

Our ever reliable Toyota Landcruiser pulled the Jayco Sterling without any major issues (don’t mention the right hand blinker that kept blowing leaving us with no indicators occasionally). Altogether a very comfy rig, with plenty of space in the van to rest at the end of the days adventures.  The caravan parks we stayed in ranged from “well this will do for an overnighter” to “do we have to leave?” but all had something good going for them.  In future posts I will mention a few of the better and quirkier ones.

Happy Travels