A taste of Australia

Hay Plains NSW

With so many photos of stunning landscapes, beaches, National Parks and sunsets captured on our last holiday it’s hard to know where to start.  I have chosen just a few of my favourites (so far!) and have published them on the gallery pages for New South Wales and Queensland.  Even though it was winter time the weather although grey at times was still warmer than our home base in the Adelaide Hills.  Cloudy days just made for more stunning skies to photograph and helped to add interest to some pretty wonderful sunsets.

My camera of choice is the Canon EOS 1000D and armed with usually just that and a zoom lens I’ve been able to capture some great memories from our trips.Whilst not by any means a professional photographer I’ve been training myself over many years to see things a little differently.  Don’t just take the path well followed, or the scenic lookout where everyone else is, but try to find a different angle for a different perspective.  Get down low to the ground, take a well known feature from a different vantage point, look behind you when the sun is setting etc… Follow the websites and instagrams of others whose photos you admire and learn through their eyes.

I love the individuality of photographers and am constantly amazed at peoples inventiveness and how they capture a time and place.  For me I photograph what I feel more than what I see.  If something moves me then I try to interpret that so that anyone else looking at the photo can get the feeling or mood of the time and place too.

Enjoy the galleries and happy snapping!