Must haves on holiday


I love the planning for a holiday, to me it brings the departure time even closer. To stock the caravan I use the trusty packing list saved on computer.  Printing off a packing list is really useful for the everyday items but also gets you thinking of the specific holiday destination you’re going to and what you’ll need.

For me there are a few standard things that no matter whether it’s a beach holiday, river or bush I never leave home without.

My must haves are:

  • Camera, tripod and zoom lens: (because it doesn’t matter if you’ve been there 50 times before or this is your first time there is always something new to see or a new season and I don’t think I’ve ever seen 2 sunsets alike)
  • Laptop to transfer all the photos to and in some cases onto a USB as well: (because I’ve learnt the hard way that you can never have too many backups!) Also to get a few words down if there’s time for future stories.
  • Notebook: something small to carry with you just to note down a few quick facts, place names, where certain photos were taken for later reference or gems of information given to you by the locals.
  • Ipad: to keep up with the Instagram posts and to have handy apps like WikiCamps, Bureau of Meteorology, GoogleMaps and more and great for searching for local attractions, shops and places to eat out. (a tip though is to take personal reviews on places with a pinch of salt because from my experience you never know until you try for yourself)
  • Fishing rods: Ok this is usually left to the other half, but again you never know where surprising spots to catch fish turn up. Again ask the locals and you’re usually given good advice on where, when and what bait to try.
  • Books & Magazines: Give me a good old fashioned paperback novel any day over a tablet for getting into a good story. To me nothing will take away the feel of a weighty novel in your hand and seeing the progress you make reading it. So much more portable and safe on the sand too! A good magazine is also so much better in print than digital to me, to feel the glossy pages, smell the new magazine smell. If it’s a travel magazine eventually pages get torn out for filing away in a folder for future plans, or if it’s a home and lifestyle magazine, pictures are cut out for the future wishlist too.
  • Comfy walking boots: Very handy and necessary especially in Australia no matter what time of year it is, because we’ve been surprised on walking trails even in the middle of winter when the sun pops out so can the odd snake to soak up a bit of sun! So for me, I always assume if you are going for a walk even on a quite seemingly open, often used track, whether it’s inland or even right next to ocean wear good comfy boots to be on the safe side.