The Festive Season

Oh Christmas Tree

So the tree has been decorated and the house Christmasified and all, well nearly all the presents bought and wrapped.

The house is aglow with lights and candles and the fridge is stocked with food and wines ready for any family and friends that come by our door. All we can do now is wait for the big day or in our case days, to arrive when the frantic rush is on to get to every Uncle, cousin, in law, out law and assorted drop by’s and enjoy the indulgence that is Christmas.  Looking forward to seafood, roasts, vegetable, salads, biscuits, pudding and other surprises.

Star light sunset

Decorated with love (not style!)
Decorated with love (not style!)

In the few days left between now and then my thoughts also turn to packing the caravan ready for the annual beach holiday ahead. The essentials are always packed in but out comes the packing list printed out and ticked off as little bits of home come away with us.

Some of my essentials packed so far….A really good high spectrum blockout sunscreen, preferably spray on, not so thick and greasy I find. A good moisturiser for after the sun has set for the day. A broad brimmed hat and sunnies.  You have to take protection from the sun in Australia very serious, skin cancer is a huge risk.  Notebooks for jotting down things on the go or for entering long stories full of details of new treasures found in the way of beaches, markets, eating places etc…

Cocktail, wine, you name it glass for all the happy hours and a little something to help you through the next morning. And my trusty caravan cookbook.  Recipes that I’ve gathered that make meal planning and cooking a breeze on holidays.  They are quick, tasty, healthy and tried and importantly tried and true.

And so starts the beginning of the long pack. Backwards and forwards from house to caravan with the dog 2 steps behind all the way, that don’t forget me look in his eyes.  Even he can’t wait!