Whatever the Weather

We aren’t always lucky enough to have a long holiday break where we can spend it at one destination.  When we have had the time to do that it’s amazing how many different types of weather we are exposed to. Luckily we know that if it turns sour, we can give it a day or so and things will improve again.

On our current getaway we have experienced everything from driving rain, wind gusts of up to 90 kph, a few sweltering high 30s to 40 degree days and everything in between.

Knowing that we are staying put for a few weeks makes it all bearable but there have been times when we’ve only had a few days or less to experience a destination and unfortunately copped the worst of weather.

It’s a shame how that then clouds your feeling for a place.  ‘We won’t go back there again, too windy’, ‘It was too hot, flies and mosquitoes all the time”, ‘Didn’t stop raining for 2 days’.

However if you’re lucky, just one day later can change your mind completely.

Sometimes the best sunsets come from the worst days too.  Hopefully wherever you travel you can ride out the storms and be there to see the silver lining on the other side.

And just like that, ‘I love this place, we have to come back again’.

Hopefully you can appreciate where you are, whatever the weather!