Christmas and then… Let the Holidays Begin

Christmas in Australia. I’ve never experienced a white Christmas, I’m sure they would be spectacular, but for me a white Christmas means…

The glaring white sand of a secluded beach, somewhere a little off the beaten track where you can drive on and set up some shade for a day. Grab the fishing rods or go for a swim or snorkel or gather together for a game of beach cricket.

I love a summer Christmas, the decorations are up and shining, upstaged by blazing summer sunsets in the background.

Presents are bought, thankfully we are blessed with a lot of exceptionally fine wineries on our doorstep.

The menu is planned and now we look forward to the mad rush of Christmas and visiting family and friends or having the odd unexpected guest drop in for a visit.

Then we join the throng of hundreds, even thousands who hitch up campers, caravans, trailers – anything, loaded to the hilt with everything you need for a beach holiday.

In South Australia we have some incredibly picturesque caravan parks right on the beach and facing west as a lot of them do we get to love every day and every sunset.

The days are full of fishing, cocktails, sleeping, feasting, relaxing with friends and family members both 2 legged and 4 legged and did I mention cocktails?

The countdown is on to drifting away.