Why we do what we do!

It’s the longest break of the year usually for us to getaway with the van and one of the most anticipated by family, friends and fur babies.

You feel the weight lift off your shoulders as you glide into the park and take in the sweeping views of the bay.  As the day goes on the park fills up with the regulars at this time of year and we anticipate catching up with ‘holiday friends’.

Even the dogs come on holidays every year and they seem to enjoy the catch up with their dog mates as well as running on the beach, checking out how the fishing is going on the jetty and catching up on much needed rest.

Every year things change a little in the caravan park and improvements are made.  We have been treated so far to a cooking demonstration from one of the local restaurant chefs on how to cook chilli crab with our catches.

During the day there is plenty to do or nothing to do its everyone’s choice.  Making your own fun, dodging drones at times.

The weather of course is unpredictable but we wait with baited breath every evening to see if the sunset will put on a show and so far we are not disappointed.

Then its time to try something new for a nightcap and watch the jetty lights appear, and so it goes on day after day. Blissful.

Cheers and happy holiday time to all!


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