Plan That Getaway.

No excuses, plan that getaway you keep putting off now! We are lucky in Australia to have the ability to get away for a short break and not have to travel too far from home, especially if you only have a weekend available. In South Australia, pretty much in no more than two hours of driving you can be a world away.

So what better excuse than to do just that. Got a free weekend? Get out and enjoy it.

I don’t need much of a reason to agree to leave the every day behind and hitch the caravan on for a quick escape. When I don’t have major holidays planned it’s even more important to get away at any chance to ‘recharge the batteries’ or maybe that should be let the batteries wind down and go completely flat! Now we’re talking.

Well plans are being made thick and fast to do just that with the reason behind all of them to catch up and spend quality time with old friends and family. All the destinations are in South Australia and will allow us to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy their company at an easy pace. As well as being able to enjoy our stunning natural landscapes.

The first getaway is this weekend to a destination where we have had many a family holiday and is heaven for the dog too, with a long uncrowded beach, top places to eat and drink, views that stretch for miles and a brilliant caravan park as close to the beach as you can get.

I am looking forward to finding and experiencing new places this time to dine and enjoy a drink overlooking a stunning beach while watching the sun set. There may be new shops to discover, and stories no doubt to let everyone in on when we visit this location that never gets tired.

Happy planning for your weekend ahead,



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