Recipe for a Good Weekend for a Writer / Photographer

This Sunday in Australia is Mother’s Day or as with a lot of special days in our house it extends to the whole weekend!

After having travelled for long distances and lived simply out of a caravan, it becomes very clear that we don’t need so much ‘stuff’ in our lives to make us happy and content. It is lovely though to celebrate special days and give in to what we really want to be doing rather than have to.

So here is a look at a perfect way in autumn to give to someone in your life who loves to write, take photos and loves a good road trip.

Rug up and spend a day finding new places to photograph. For anyone that loves taking photos you are probably familiar with having the camera on hand all the time. I certainly do, in fact I’ve bought bags specifically for the point of will my digital SLR camera fit in it. Our poor other halves are also familiar when we are travelling with the ‘ooh pull over that’s a great road/tree/cow/cloud/sign etc…for a photo’. So to me, a good day out is heading to a destination that takes your fancy and be prepared to stop, walk, back up, get the car in, get the car out of the way. It’s a great excuse then to also stop in at a café or hotel you’ve never been to before and try something new.

If the weather is however really not conducive to a day outdoors, the next best thing is to settle into a comfy spot with a pile of magazines or a good book with your favourite cuppa and no interruptions. Grab that soft blanket and a pillow and indulge. For me it’s a great time to plan, research, make notes, dream and aspire.

To wine and dine at home is a great option, as long as someone else is doing the cooking. Then again you can also try out some quick and easy recipes for future caravanning and camping trips. Don’t you just love the excuse to indulge in comfort food too?

Who wouldn’t want a weekend away, just add water or views of your liking and a campfire and you’ve pretty much got everything you need.

Of course the ultimate way to enjoy the weekend is with your loved ones, wherever that may be. Enjoy Mothers Weekend Australia!

Cheers and keep warm!



6 thoughts on “Recipe for a Good Weekend for a Writer / Photographer

  1. What an interesting blog you have. I love travelling too, and have done some freelance writing for U.K. sailing magazines. I’m just about to return to Greece for the summer. I can’t decide whether to take my big Sony SLR camera with me, or just rely on my trusty Nikon compact….

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