Melbourne road trip and meeting the inspirational Miriam.

A very busy four days recently in Melbourne meant squeezing in a lot of must see and dos into a short space of time, but high on my list was to try and catch up and meet with a fellow writer whose work I’ve admired for a while, after having struck up a friendship through our blogs and Instagram posts. Miriam Blaker is a freelance writer and columnist, blogger and so much more.

It didn’t take much planning to make it happen and on a Saturday afternoon we were off on an expedition into the hills around 40 kilometres north east of Melbourne, to the town of St Andrews. We were to meet at the St Andrews Hotel which is under new management and were having a celebration day with the tempting offer of bands all day and free finger food. It sounded right up our alley, a perfect afternoon out.

A huge crowd had turned out with patrons spilling out onto the wide hotel veranda but we managed to find a table to sit at indoors and enjoy a few tasty hot treats with a good bottle of red.

Before long Miriam and Doug arrived and the catch up, chatting, back stories, future plans and wishes were all discussed over a few drinks. Two hours raced by way too quickly but it was absolutely lovely to meet in person and just confirm what your gut tells you already. There are kindred spirits out there when it comes to touring this great country of ours and hopefully our writing about the destinations to visit and experiences you can have will be shared in future magazine articles.

In the meantime you can visit Miriam’s blog at and follow her column in ‘On The Road’ magazine.

Here’s to loving what you do and catching up on the road!



7 thoughts on “Melbourne road trip and meeting the inspirational Miriam.

  1. This blogging world is a truly different kind and better behaved form of social media. I too caught up with the delightful Miriam at a bloggers get together back in autumn and it was like we had known each other a long time. Travel safe.


  2. Kindred spirits is definitely the correct term. How lovely for you both to meet up for the afternoon and in such nice surroundings. I’ve met several blogging friends and it’s always the same – we feel like we’ve always known each other.

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  3. What a buzz to read this Glenys. It was so wonderful to meet you and your family and we absolutely loved our time with you all. I agree, it passed way too quickly. All the more reason to catch up again next time. Thanks for a lovely write up, and also a great pitch for the St Andrews Pub! Cheers my friend. 🙂


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