Photographs and Memories

There was a break in my blog posting for this past week or so because of a sad event affecting our family. My mother in law passed away just over a week ago, so naturally these times call for everything to be put aside while you deal with the processes in saying goodbye to a family member.  Amongst the hard but necessary details of arrangements to be made, there are times of reminiscing and remembering stories, as well as looking back at a lifetime of photographs and memories.

It’s a time for remembering the person you knew but also finding out about them from their treasured memories of years gone by. Photographs of days spent with family at the beach and even mementoes kept and filed away of favourite holidays and destinations. Those days when you sent someone a beautiful picturesque postcard, long before the days of social media.

Everyone has their own way of saying goodbye to loved ones but we spent a little bit of time at one of her favourite places, Moana Beach in South Australia. It was the first day of summer and the weather played it’s part perfectly for our symbolic day.

It’s been a favourite summer destination for a day at the beach for many years because it’s an ideal spot for the whole family to enjoy, one of the best reasons being that you can drive onto the beach, with everything you need and set up for a day of fun.

We spent a while enjoying the invigorating and refreshing sea air, having a fish and chip picnic in the best surroundings and taking a walk into the surf, letting the cool water wash over our feet.

And so, life goes on…never to be the same again, but with memories that our children will carry with them and build on.

Here’s to holding treasured memories.


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