Why Wouldn’t You?


Its time for the annual holiday that gathers friends and families together at a beachside location around 3 hours from home. For around 15 years we’ve been making this trek after every Christmas to totally relax, renew friendships with families we only see here once a year, and gather our own extended family to enjoy this setting.

Some people think why do you go back to the same spot year after year. But with times like this I say why wouldn’t you!

It kicks off with New Year fireworks on the beach and a happy holiday atmosphere starts from there. There is a community of regulars in the caravan park and one long party ensues. Or if the party has ended where you are you’re bound to find others still going.

Every afternoon the sunsets provide even more colours. The sky show doesn’t end.

We joke about these days being our own Groundhog Day. Think of the movie where you can relive a great day over and over again.

Ours is to wake up to a perfect calm, sunny blue sky day. The pelicans are waddling on the beach or soaring overhead.

You head out in your tinnie for a couple of quiet and peaceful hours on gently rocking water and a cooling breeze. You return home with a seafood selection. Blue swimmer crabs, whiting, squid, garfish and more.

Maybe that is tonight’s meal or maybe after happy hour you feel like a nice roast with all the trimmings all prepared on the Weber BBQ.

After a great meal and drinks there is time for coming up with ingenious ways to have fun then with everyone tired from the days activities, there is nothing left to do but watch the stars, enjoy the party lights and lights on the jetty, then retire to do it all a again tomorrow.

Why wouldn’t you?



8 thoughts on “Why Wouldn’t You?

  1. I’m envious Glenys. Our Australian family is very small and scattered, as well as being independent in leisure activities (sad story – won’t go there). To live a groundhog family holiday time, over and over again has been a lifelong goal of mine. You are blessed.

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    1. Yes Chris I believe you’re right, we will keep this tradition going for as long as we can, always somewhere for family to congregate no matter how far and wide they are spread these days. It’s certainly something precious that we don’t take for granted.

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