A Dog’s Life (on holidays)

Neo is one lucky kelpie. Firstly he is our much loved family member who we rescued over 5 years ago, so that was his first stroke of luck.  Since then he has happily accompanied us on holidays that a lot of people can only dream of.  The reason he is so welcome has a lot to do with his demeanor.  He is the most gentle and friendly boy and very obedient too. He rarely barks, usually only when he sees someone he knows and they’re taking too long to come and pat him.

He is known to a lot of regulars at our annual holiday spot and it doesn’t take long for other visitors to the park to get to know him too. Usually the first question is “Is your dog a dingo”? but we get him to bark on command and that puts an end to that question. For some reason he is an absolute magnet for children too and he happily shares his bed, accepts all and every pat and hug and tolerates everyone.

He has a few regular dog friends who also pay him a visit but he is more interested in their owners than the dogs usually.

A leg problem that he came with prevents him from running too much or jumping and chasing a ball but he has his favourite toy or two that he can chase, carry and play with in the water when he is swimming, something he is very good at. In fact as long as you are carrying his toy he doesn’t need a leash, he is totally hypnotized by it and will go wherever it does.

We don’t over exercise him because his weak back legs give him trouble later, but then he doesn’t seem to mind just chilling by the beach or having a snooze or sometimes going out in the tinny for a spot of fishing (he does have to be reminded sometimes that we aren’t throwing something for him when we cast the rods though).

We love him to bits, he is great company, attracts a lot of visitors to our site (to see him, not us) in fact he is quite the model dog all round.

Here’s to taking our four legged family members on holidays.


7 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life (on holidays)

  1. Holidays are never quite the same without our beloved canines are they, although I wouldn’t say our Harry is the model dog. Unlike Neo, he’s a bit of a wanderer, so we tend to sometimes leave him with his doggy friends across the road (which he doesn’t mind in the slightest). 😊

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  2. I wish I could say Mr Tilley was as well behaved. Alas he’s developed a rebellious, ‘don’t have to’ teenage attitude, and consequently there’s no off lead walks for him ATM. I keep telling myself this, ‘this too will pass’. And I’m sure it well – looking forward to his 2nd birthday, and desperately hoping he’s not got his 3rd birthday in mind for reaching well behaved maturity.

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