Putting Caravanning Plans into Action

caravan showThe Lets Go Caravan and Camping Show has finished it’s run in Adelaide and now it ups and moves off to other states around Australia. I’d recommend going for a visit especially if you haven’t been to one for a while, the number of new vans and camper trailers is quite mind blowing. To be able to take a look inside so many new vans and campers on offer these days will leave you wowed. Whether you are in the market to buy or not it gives you a huge amount of information on prices, value for money and finishes you might like when the day comes that you are ready to invest. It really does all come down to where you are planning to go, what sort of road conditions you want your van to handle and personal preferences for interior layouts.

Like me, you may just be happy to walk away with some new accessories for the van and a heap of information for planning your next few trips away. There are plenty of publications for you to buy or pick up for free that will help with ideas on where to go next.

It is no wonder that the caravan and camping shows are so popular with latest statistics released by Tourism Research Australia showing that caravan and camping trips are growing in popularity every year. I did notice at the show there were more family vans on display than I’d seen for a while which is probably as a result of the most prominent age demographic for caravan and camping trips being the 30 – 54 year age bracket. The next popularity bracket for these holidays was amongst the 55+ age group. The 20-29 age group also saw a huge 11% growth from the previous year’s data.

Great Ocean Road Victoria

The other statistics that came from the research that didn’t surprise me at all were the most popular experiences that many caravanners and campers took part in, the most popular being:

  • going to beaches
  • bushwalking
  • eating out at restaurants and cafes.

And with over 620,000 caravan and campervans registered in Australia that is a lot of money travelling around regions at all times of the year and boosting the local economies as they travel. It is estimated that at any one time there are 135,000 caravans on the road in Australia.

Caravan and camping in Australia

The best part is there’s plenty of room for all of us!

Free camping Australia

Happy travels and see you on the road somewhere,