Noticing the Simple Things.

Horseshoe Bay South AustraliaYou know what itโ€™s like, holidays and weekends are too short and when the weather is perfect there are so many ideas to pack into a short amount of time. I find that taking photos can challenge you to practice mindfulness and being in the moment, by noticing all the simple things in life that bring you joy and add a sense of calm.

Caravanning near any beach has a positive impact especially if you are lulled to sleep listening to the surf rolling in all night. I find getting up early for a sunrise is much easier too when you can watch the first light of day as it shines on the water, or the pre-dawn rays light up clouds. A nice payoff for an early start.

The soft morning light gives everything a fresh new glow and with any luck, yours will be the first of only a few footprints on the beach.

Footprints in sand

As the day draws on and the temperature heats up life on the beach gets busier and everywhere you look is a quintessential snapshot of summer in Australia. Including that deep, soft, hot sand that you have to navigate quickly to get to the cool water. Ouch!

The outgoing tide always leaves interesting sea life deposited with the surf.

Back at camp, a friendly magpie that chortled a wake up call in the morning is searching for any food scraps. Seeing all these moments with a photographic eye gives you new perspectives and an appreciation of ordinary things around you.


Even on the drive to and from your destination it pays to be attentive all the time, you just never know what else you may see. (Spot the little roo on the side of the road in the shade).

roo on the roadside





5 thoughts on “Noticing the Simple Things.

  1. You are so absolutely right. Since I started blogging and photographing for the blog I notice so much more. If youโ€™d asked me if that would be the case I would have guessed itโ€™d be the exact opposite.

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