A Change in the Seasons – Soon

Aussie summer sunsetSummer is meant to be over in Australia, but in South Australia at least we are getting one last blast of heat it seems. Not that I mind at all, the few chilly mornings and evenings we have experienced so far are a reminder of what’s coming soon enough. South Australia has had a hotter and drier summer than usual and in fact experienced our hottest day ever, since records began, when the temperature reached 46.6 (over 115 degrees) in the city of Adelaide, and even hotter in other regions. We definitely don’t need any more days like that but we are still expecting a week of temperatures in the 30s.

The state is in need of rain, the water bills are pretty horrendous but it’s a good chance to enjoy the summer blooms while they are still around.

Personally my garden is full of mostly Australian native plants, why try to fight the climate? However a madly growing veggie patch is still providing tomatoes, which are very late this year. All I need now is a good, easy, tomato sauce recipe for as sure as anything these will all ripen at the same time. Any recipes welcome!

In the Adelaide Hills, grapes are still being harvested at the moment for this year’s vintage but temperatures have seen the vines produce a below average yield this year. Local vineyard workers have been busy hand picking in the cool of the early mornings before sunrise.

Adelaide Hills vineyards

Farmland is still looking extremely dry, normally a tinge of green would be creeping its way back into the landscape by now. There is one farm that I pass by often that gives me a laugh every time because on many occasions the cows are enjoying a dip to cool off, and not just getting their feet wet near the edge but having a good plunge.

There are some telltale signs that autumn is approaching with a few leaves changing colour and drifting from the trees. The riot of colour that the Adelaide hills is famous for will be on us soon. Until then keep enjoying the last of the summer days and make the most of the fiery sunsets before they disappear.

sunset photography

Enjoy the changing season.


7 thoughts on “A Change in the Seasons – Soon

  1. Enjoy the last bit of heat Glenys, before we know it we’ll be in the thick of winter. It is dry though, without a doubt and we desperately need the rain. Thankfully we also have a mostly native garden but my grass has never looked so crisp. Love the last pic.

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  2. It’s the same here. Summer doesn’t know it’s supposed to be over and autumn is forecast to be hot and dry. We had no rain at all over summer, not even a single storm but last weekend we got storms and 83 mm of rain. It was very welcome.

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