Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach 2019

Ripcurl Bells Beach Pro 2019The Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach is on from Wednesday 17 April to Saturday 27 April 2019. We landed in Torquay just before the event this year and took a look at the famous surfing hot spot of Bells Beach.

This professional surf competition is celebrating its 58th year and is the second event on the World Surf League tour.  The world’s best male and female surfers will be in town and all want to be holding the trophy and ringing the bell at the end of the competition. Tickets can be bought on site to witness the best of the world surfing at this iconic beach with adult tickets costing $10, kids under 16 free and parking fees $5 daily over the Easter long weekend.

I can’t profess to know a lot about surfing but I take my hat off to those that make it look so easy, and what a spectacularly picturesque spot to watch it all unfold. The weather looks to be shaping up to be perfect for spectators, hopefully the surf will do the right thing for competitors too.

If watching the competition in person isn’t for you, you can catch some of the action on television, but make sure to put Bells on your must visit list at another time of the year.

At any time of year you’ll find plenty of local surfers to watch, carving up the waves, and possibly some of the locals keeping on eye on conditions too.

Torquay locals

Drop in sometime.


6 thoughts on “Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach 2019

    1. I love watching the hardcore surfers. We sometimes go and watch them near Margaret River. It takes the around 5 mins to run up the beach with their board, and then another 5 – 10 mins to paddle out to the break. Then they wait for their turn, then wait for a wave…. then off they go. If they’re lucky their ride may take them into shore for a lengthy minute or two, then they start all over again. It must be a fantastic feeling…..

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      1. I can watch them all day, living vicariously I guess. 🤷🏼‍♀️It’s obviously exhilarating, everyone into it is obsessed. The closest I get is on a stand up paddle board…very shallow…very flat water…very unfit. 😂


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