Stop Shop & Support

In the November issue of Liquid Life & Leisure Magazine online, you can find some real ways to help communities doing it tough in rural areas around Australia. The current drought has been named as the worst on record for the Murray Darling Basin, Australia’s biggest river system. In some places drought conditions have been affecting them for more than 3 years. I think sometimes we take for granted where the food in our supermarkets comes from and only pay attention when prices go up and we find out the reasons why.

All of us can be making a difference though, including when we are travelling by making sure we STOP, SHOP & SUPPORT small towns throughout Australia. The November issue of Liquid Life & Leisure Magazine is dedicated to what we can do to help out even in what seems a small way.

I’ve written an article on simple things we can do when travelling, caravanning and camping that can let these towns and communities know that we do know about their plight and do want to support them in a practical way if possible.

Even when at home we can think about where our food is coming from, buying local and donating to causes that will help farmers directly. Below are a few organisations that are making a real impact in helping rural families in drought affected areas. Just a visit to their websites for starters will give you all the facts and figures and real stories of what impact the drought is having in Australia.  There are various options given to you from donating cash to fundraising ideas and even how you can volunteer to help out. Online shoppers aren’t forgotten either with an instagram site you can follow called Buy from the bush (buyfromthebush) which showcases a whole range of different products to buy from businesses and artisans in rural communities facing drought.

With a long hot summer ahead of us lets all try to put drought affected areas in the forefront of our minds.