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Summer Sunsets


Oh dear, there is only one month (officially) left of summer in Australia, though I’m sure there will be some people happy to see the back of it and get on with cooler temperatures and hopefully, some rain in the coming autumn months. I will miss the summer sunsets though.

For me there’s nowhere better than a west facing beach to capture a sunset as the sun dips into the ocean. South Australia is lucky to have a lot of coastline where you can see this, so there are plenty of opportunities to get down to a beach at the end of a day and soak it in.

These photos were all taken at Moonta Bay, the setting for our last holiday. A really picturesque spot with the added interest of a jetty full of life on a summers evening, and tidal pools of water to catch reflections in.

As the sun sets the caravan park that sits on this sheltered bay is lit up and we have front row seats to the daily light show.

Enjoy the last month of summer and the sunsets to come.




Author: Glenys Gelzinis

Freelance travel writer and photographer.

10 thoughts on “Summer Sunsets

  1. You’re so fortunate. Such a beautiful spot.

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  2. As east coasters, we love seeing a sunset over the water. It doesn’t happen often enough for us.

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  3. Gorgeous, one day we have to head your way and experience those beautiful sunsets. I am one of those who won’t miss summer, although this summer has not been as bad as I expected, still humid but we have escaped the worst of the heatwaves.

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