Go Nuts for Donuts at Port Elliot

Port Elliot BakeryAnyone in South Australia who has ever taken a drive through the town of Port Elliot will be familiar with the sight of a patient line of people snaking out of the Bakery and filling the outdoor tables and chairs, looking very satisfied with their purchases. The reason apart from the obvious, Hey it’s a bakery and what’s not to love, is they have a very clever marketing idea of producing a ‘Donut of the Month’ that is eagerly awaited by many.

Trust me, there are plenty of people who plan trips to this part of the Fleurieu Peninsula specifically for these indulgences. Fortunately or more truthfully unfortunately, this bakery is close enough for me to easily get to, so yes I am guilty of being drawn into the anticipation of what gourmet delight awaits us each month.

The Port Elliot Bakery has had various owners over the years but the current owners, the Gorman and Horrocks family have been operating it for the last 30 years. Goods are baked daily on the premises so whatever takes your fancy from breads to gourmet pies and all manner of sweet treats are fresh and delectable each day.

Here are just a few of the donuts of the month that we’ve sampled. October 2019 was the month of Toblerone Bliss, a chocolate donut covered in Toblerone pieces. Then November brought the Caramilk Cream which featured a white chocolate and caramel cream filling, a caramel fondant ganache and pieces of Caramilk chocolate. December had a festive touch with the Cherry Ripe donut, a colourful choc cherry and coconut creation with pieces of Cherry Ripe on top.

The New Year started off with a special for kids (and big kids) enjoying school holidays in the region, with a Chocolate Freddo Frog donut filled with a chocolate custard and topped with a swirl of strawberry cream and coated with hundreds and thousands. The February donut of the month was Key Lime Cheesecake, with a creamy lime cheesecake filling in the centre and topped with crushed biscuits, drizzled with a lime icing. This one I think has won me over as the favourite to date.

Now is the time I should put in a disclaimer that I am not participating in this alone! The size of these things are humongous and at over $6 each, they can be shared between a few people and still be enough. I should mention that the bakery also does a pie of the month but I will leave that to people who have a chance of working it off!

Now stop press, the March donut of the month is an amazing Chai Latte creation, consisting of a cinnamon & chai covered donut, filled with a creamy chai centre and topped with a white chocolate vanilla chai wafer stick. Oh they keep outdoing themselves.You can’t miss the Port Elliot Bakery at 31 North Terrace Port Elliot, (the main street as you drive through town) and they are open every day of the week from 7am – 5.30pm. Be warned though, at peak times you will be joining a line, but I promise the rewards are worth it. Now off for a walk!Port Elliot Bakery



14 thoughts on “Go Nuts for Donuts at Port Elliot

    1. Doesn’t this crisis really hit home on the importance of experiencing our beautiful country when we get the chance to again. Every opportunity will be taken on the other side of this


  1. This post and your photos made me hungry! It’s been ages since I had a great doughnut and once this coronavirus madness is over I’m heading to my local bakery, which is now closed 🙈, for fresh goodies! Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

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