Love Where You Live

For the time being in Australia it’s a good idea to stay within your postcode area. On the bright side this does give you the benefit of getting to know your own neighbourhood better and perhaps see it in a new light. Now can also be a good time to practice your photography, experiment with your camera and gain more confidence in using it. We are fortunate to live near a beach which is usually a popular holiday area but thankfully most people have been adhering to the idea of staying at home for the moment. This is obviously hitting local businesses hard but they can be guaranteed that as soon as we can, we’ll be happily spending money with them, especially if it involves going out for a drink, a good meal and socialising again.

In the meantime with exercise being one of the necessary things we can do, we are lucky to have an interesting neighbourhood to appreciate. A beach is a place I love to visit whatever the weather, and apart from the refreshing dose of salty sea air it gives you, there is always something interesting to find on the sand. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit a beach during this time and even afterwards, make sure you look down. Try brushing up on your macro photography skills, set the dial on your DSLR camera to the flower symbol and try getting pictures of shells, seaweed and other beach finds close up.

Hopefully there won’t be too many finds like this unfortunate creature but at the same time it was incredibly interesting to be able to get up so close to it and really see all its intricate features. This is, or was a Wobbegong also known as a bearded shark or carpet shark. They can reach a length of 3 metres and this one was over 2 metres long. The patterns on its body were beautiful.

Walking around the neighbourhood also shows a real eclectic mix of architecture and house styles with a few original fibro and asbestos shacks still standing, quirky designs that tell of the era they were built in , through to the grand beach houses worth a million dollar plus when you look at the house, views and landscaping.

Taking notice as you walk around can train your eye to notice little details of interest, a window, a sign, or a garden feature. Some other details on the other hand are hard to miss.

Make the most of the enforced slow down and enjoy the little things in your neighbourhood.



9 thoughts on “Love Where You Live

  1. It sounds like your walks a similar to ours. We too live in a beachside suburb. We wander the streets noting the houses as knockdown, renovators dream and oh wow! If this goes on much longer I reckon I’ll start a project to map every house and it’s possibilities. As much as I love having the beach nearby ours receives very little flotsam unlike your gorgeous pink seaweed in SA. But on still days tiny waves curl to the shore like glycerine. It truly is a time to stop and smell the roses.

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  2. Beautiful post and beautiful photos! I love macro photography too! It’s so much fun to appreciate little things and when the angle is right, we can create beautiful images. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend 😊 Aiva

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    1. It’s certainly nice to concentrate on other things apart from traffic and other regular distractions. Everyone is making a point of saying hello too, I think we’re all craving face to face human interaction not just via screens.

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