The Greatest Christmas Gifts

What a stinker 2020 has been! So many plans and expectations put on hold, celebrations that we just assumed would happen, didn’t and life as we knew it probably changed forever. It will be interesting to look back on this year, in a few years’ time and see what changes have remained and become a normal part of life after a pandemic.

Some changes are maybe for the better, personally I’m a fan of having more space when we dine out and at other venues, but these could change in time again I suspect.  We’ve been lucky to be able to travel with relative freedom in our own state, except for a short while really, so we don’t have too much to complain about.

This year has brought home though what are the most important things in life. At Christmas time especially it is crystal clear that nothing matters apart from good health, and the company of family and friends. These are the greatest gifts anyone could want and I wish the same for everyone.

If you have your family around you, give them all a huge hug because as we know, life can throw curve balls that we never expect. Enjoy the company of friends and the support and fun you have when you get together and most importantly take care of your health.  Physically and mentally we all need to look after ourselves – when it comes down to it, you are the master of your own destiny to a fair degree.

Here in Australia we will be taking the opportunity to have some quality relaxation time, doing what we love, surrounded by family and friends, enjoying the freedoms and blessings we have.

Wishing everyone who has read and followed my website, Instagram or Facebook pages throughout the year, a wonderful Christmas too and thank you for the support. Writing has been a very different proposition this year and more online work has ensued rather than print magazines, and I’m hoping to continue both into next year and beyond.  Keep supporting Australian magazines, apps and tourism in general, after all we live in the best country in the world!

Merry Christmas


14 thoughts on “The Greatest Christmas Gifts

  1. Wonderful sentiments Glenys and I couldn’t agree more. Wishing you, Harry and family a relaxing end to 2020 and a safe and happy new year. Cheers to more travel and stories! 😊


  2. I hope you all had a lovely day. Yes, we’ve been fortunate to be able to travel within our state in relative safety. The biggest effect so far has been that our daughter was unable to fly from Sydney on Christmas Eve to join us for the next week. Very disappointing but nothing to be done about it.


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