‘On The Road’ is Back!

I’m happy to report that a favourite caravan and camping magazine, ‘On the Road’ is back in print again.  Like so many other industries, some print magazines have struggled to keep issues going during 2020. Printing and distribution would have caused some problems as would have the reality of cross border travel not being possible and in some Australian states, lock down even made travel within the state impossible.

Now though, in Australia we are cautiously optimistic and travellers are hitting the road and exploring our own backyards. The increase in caravan purchases has seen huge waiting lists for people wanting to buy new, and in some cases I’ve heard, you may have to wait up to a year. That means there will be a lot of first time caravanners and campers and what better way to get some touring tips and learn from others than reading a quality magazine like this one.

The latest edition for summer 2020 /21 is out now with an eye catching cover that makes you just want to hit the road. Inside you’ll find stories on iconic destinations in the NT, a look at Victoria’s High Country recovery from the bushfires, outback Queensland destinations and tips for caravan and camping, as well as recipes, caravan reviews, caravan park and free camp reviews and some stories to make you laugh.

I have also contributed a story to this edition, on an iconic South Australian beach drive to where the River Murray empties into the sea. The story is called ‘Straight from the Mouth’, and gives the low down on what to expect if you plan on tackling this fun 4WD adventure.I’m lucky enough to live near this beach so it’s a trek we do regularly for gathering cockles, shore based fishing or just having a great day out at the beach where you can drive on and take a BBQ or picnic. Big Mulloway are caught along this beach and stingrays and sharks are seen to so you need to be aware of that as well!

The timing is perfect for the magazine to be back in print with summer holidays and beach days ahead of us, so go and grab a copy today for only $10.95 at all good newsagents.

In starting up again, the magazine will be printed quarterly (summer, autumn, winter and spring) but hopefully it will return to being a bi-monthly magazine again in the future. Special magazines and the popular guide to free campsites are also planned for production so if you don’t want to miss out, you can subscribe to receive the print or digital versions. You can find more information on the website www.ontheroad.com.au or on their Facebook page.

Hooray to being back On the Road!


12 thoughts on “‘On The Road’ is Back!

  1. We ordered our van in January with a delivery in late Dec (or early 2022) – our choice to fit in with our plans – we could have had Sept at the time. I know the company we went with are now taking orders well into 2022 and (like all other manufacturers) are delaying deliveries over the next few months due to inability to get components, from overseas. We have completed step one … got the car which we picked up at the weekend … also like hens teeth “On the road” sound good … just about to sign up for it so look forward to reading your article(s) there,

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    1. Wow 😯 waiting times are crazy. We have two lots of friends who have never been caravanners before, one couple have bought a second hand van and the other ones bought a display model fro a caravan and camping show! The roads are looking very busy with caravans and parks are booked out in peak times in many places, so this year will be an interesting one for travelling 🤷🏼‍♀️

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      1. In one sense we are happy not to be starting to travel this year but the way they are going re opening international travel it looks like next year could be as bad or worse. I saw some reports of travellers giving up north of WA and leaving due to crowds.

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      2. We’ve heard that same thing too, that pretty much WA is turning away visitors because they are booked out for best part of this year. We are patient and will try to go where others aren’t until the novelty wears off with some I suspect.

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  2. I’ll second that hooray Glenys! It’s great to be able to travel again. Great article too by the way. Look forward to getting back to those SA beaches one day soon. 😎

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  3. YES! Back on the road!! Sean looked at buying a caravan and said it was a 2 year wait over here. I can say, booking campsites has been tough. We are getting up at 12:01 am and hopping on line to make reservations. Within 24 hours, everything is taken. It’s crazy!!

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  4. I am glad to hear that your favourite caravan magazine is back in print! With another year of staycations upon us, campervan sales has gone trough the roof here in Ireland, and the prices are absolutely crazy! Happy reading, Glenys. Aiva 🙂

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