The Magnificent Flinders Ranges in South Australia

The Flinders Ranges is one region in South Australia that gets mentioned in all the tourism guides, as a must see destination in the state, and for good reason.  Even to those of us who live here and can visit this range easily, the breath taking panorama of mountains, wildlife, gorges and natural bushland make you feel lucky to have such a place to explore and savour.

You can get a taste of this region in a conventional car over a long weekend, but to truly experience its wonders, I would highly recommend a 4WD, your caravan or tent and a sense of adventure.

My latest Getaway Guide on CamperMate gives a few reasons to go and explore this wonderful part of South Australia.



8 thoughts on “The Magnificent Flinders Ranges in South Australia

  1. On our way home after our WA/Nullarbor trip we drove through the Flinders Ranges and vowed to return and spend some time exploring. We’re still planning and dreaming and looking forward to a time when we can make the long journey without fear of having to race home to beat border closures. One day…

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    1. I know what you mean, we are planning a quick over the Vic. border and back again trip over a few days next month, not ideal but safer still at the moment I think. Not with caravan unfortunately. The Flinders is something really worth taking time over for sure, with rest days in between too, especially if you want to so some of the more challenging walks.

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