Kaniva Raises the Baa with Community Art

IMG_0214Kaniva is around the halfway point when you’re driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and it’s a town we always make a point of stopping in. Not only have we always had friendly service and great coffees, they also have really easy parking, clean public conveniences, and there is a unique painted sheep trail to follow.

The Sheep Art Trail is an 800 metre walk which links Band Park, in Progress Street, with the main street, Kaniva Wetlands and Fauna Park. Each of the painted sheep have links to businesses or community groups in Kaniva. The sheep are a fun way to acknowledge that the town is surrounded by sheep stations and Merino sheep and canola and wheat are also produced in the area.

These fibreglass sheep are grazing around town and each have their own personalities. Last time we drove through I decided to find a few of them and read their stories which you can find on their ear tags. All of the ear tags have a QR code which you can scan with your phone camera and get more information on the sheep art and the stories behind them. 

Here are just a few of the 41 colourful sheep for you to find throughout town, and while you’re looking, there are also two sheepdogs minding the flock to find.


‘Blaze is one of the many volunteer firefighters. He’s experienced many fires over the years, including a few nasty ones on stinking hot days’. Blaze can be found near the CFS shed naturally.


Kaniva Puppet Shop

This brightly coloured one is covered in children’s favourite movie and television characters including Pinocchio, Sesame Street characters and Mr Squiggle.


‘M-ewe-seum loves chatting to everyone about the good old days when the town rode on the sheep’s back’. She promotes the Kaniva Historical Museum.



Percy is supposed to be retired but has found his place at the Men’s Shed. He enjoys a good yak about the rainfall. He pays tribute to cartoonist Percy Leason.


You’ll find Digger near the war memorial and his tag reads: ‘At the going down of the sun he says ‘Lest we forget’. His favourite flowers are poppies and rosemary’.



‘Fab-ewe-less loves to travel locally and overseas. She’s retired now but enjoys the fellowship of meeting new friends through the Probus Club’.

Indigenous Sheep

‘This one was painted in 2011 by two young indigenous girls aged 11 and 12, with the help of their grandmother. She enjoys taking time to reflect near the scar tree in South Kaniva Rd’. Scanning her QR code will take you off to find more information on local indigenous history.


‘Leo is all set for the Kaniva car and bike show, run by the local Lions Club in February at the Recreation Reserve’. When you scan his code, you will find that the next car and bike show is planned for Saturday the 5th of February 2022 and lots more details on the event.


‘Meet Aggy, who’s very much hands on and part of the farm. She’s a member of West Wimmera Women in Ag and loves catching up with all the girls’.IMG_0261There were many more that I could only admire from afar, but that just gives me more to look for next time! Some of the sheep on this visit were still wearing their Easter bonnets.

This would be a great way to entertain the kids on a road trip and a good way for everyone to take a break and stretch the legs. Did you spot the two dogs in my photos?

Have fun exploring


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