On the Road ~ RV Touring & Accessories Guide 2022/23

Just in time for summer holidays and Christmas gift giving, the team at On the Road magazine have produced the second edition of the RV Touring and Accessories Guide.

This publication joins their other titles including the quarterly On the Road magazine and the annual Guide to Free Campsites which is now in its 10th edition.

This RV Touring guide is packed full of touring destinations from all around Australia and contains a wealth of information and RV knowledge, to help make your journeys an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Along with great destination features, the magazine is also packed full of the latest RV accessories, and some of the latest caravans, campers, and motorhomes on the market. Youโ€™ll also find great advice, tips and information on a wide range of relevant subjects for those of us that love to hit the road.

One of the destination features in the magazine is one I wrote on the fascinating, historical town of Burra in South Australia. Itโ€™s only a couple of hours north of Adelaide, and the history of this town is obvious from the moment you arrive. Burra was the first surveyed mining town in Australia, when copper was discovered there in 1845.

What makes this destination unique is that you can take a self-guided tour of the historic sites to be found around town, with the Burra Heritage Passport. This is the tour to take when you donโ€™t like organised tours! For a fee you are given a key and you literally unlock gates and doors into historic buildings and sites, where you can spend as much time as you need to explore. The freedom to wander at your leisure makes this tour an absolute winner. Grab a copy of the magazine to read about this and other fabulous destinations.

The magazine has almost 150 pages of great quality stories and photos, and will be one that you can refer back to all year and longer, but Iโ€™ll leave the last word to the editor, Gregg Haythorpe, who penned the following words in the introduction.

โ€˜All of the stories/features contained within this guide are written and photographed by the very talented team of contributors that On the Road magazine has built over two decades of publishing. In the RV marketplace, the team of talented guys and girls, aside from having travelled many tens of thousands of Kilometres, also bring a great real world practicality and technical understanding to all things touringโ€™.

Cheers, and enjoy your travels over summer and the year ahead.


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