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Christmas in Australia

Christmas seems to sneak up on us more quickly each year and before you know it you’re only a fortnight or so away from the main event! In Adelaide the first thing that heralds the festive season is the annual Christmas Pageant through the city streets.  This incredible pageant has been held every year since 1933, starting as a way to brighten people’s spirits in the depression years.

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So Grateful

Christmas day is only a few days away and I have so much to be grateful for, for starters living in a relatively peaceful country, surrounded with magnificent natural beauty and a climate made for travelling and getting outdoors. The opportunities to learn, work, change your mind, keep learning, then strive to change your path ahead, are abundant and there for the taking if you’re brave enough.

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The Festive Season

Oh Christmas Tree

So the tree has been decorated and the house Christmasified and all, well nearly all the presents bought and wrapped.

The house is aglow with lights and candles and the fridge is stocked with food and wines ready for any family and friends that come by our door. All we can do now is wait for the big day or in our case days, to arrive when the frantic rush is on to get to every Uncle, cousin, in law, out law and assorted drop by’s and enjoy the indulgence that is Christmas.  Looking forward to seafood, roasts, vegetable, salads, biscuits, pudding and other surprises.

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