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Road Trip Car Games



OK so these days many modern cars come with inbuilt DVD players to entertain the kids on long drives but if you are after some good old family fun on the way to your destination and want the kids looking at, and appreciating the unfolding scenery, try some of these for fun. They may actually enjoy it! And let’s face it the more ideas you are armed with before a long driving trip the better.

As well as these games I would also print out or find some puzzles like find-a-word etc… and have a secret stash of snacks in the front seat which would get handed over at times when it was all getting a bit much.  Another great thing to do is to stop at great looking playgrounds and parks on the way.  Not only is this good for the kids but it ensures that the driver is having a rest stop to get out, stretch the legs, have a coffee and move on with a clear head again. Remember that getting to your destination in one piece is the goal!

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