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How to Find Yourself in Jail in Goolwa, and Enjoy It.


When in the riverport town of Goolwa in South Australia, make sure to take a walk to Goolwa Terrace where you’ll discover not only one of the many historic buildings to find in town, but also see some unique local art. View the pictures →

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Kaniva Raises the Baa with Community Art

IMG_0214Kaniva is around the halfway point when you’re driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and it’s a town we always make a point of stopping in. Not only have we always had friendly service and great coffees, they also have really easy parking, clean public conveniences, and there is a unique painted sheep trail to follow. Continue reading

South Melbourne Market


thumbnail_IMG_3993Markets, whether small country town outdoor ones or big city permanent fixtures, are always something I like to seek out for a number of reasons. They can be quite a tourist attraction in their own right, with all the sights, colours and aromas and they give you a true feel for the region and its people. They are of course also a fantastic source for fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, seafood and meats. The atmosphere is always busy and buzzing with life which is something we’ve all missed for the past year, so it’s nice to feel some of that normal society busy life again. View the pictures →

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Caught Inside: a Story of Survival


Caught Inside BookEarlier this year I wrote a blog post on an incredible book, the true story of South Australian shark attack survivor, Chris Blowes.

His miraculous recovery continues, and here’s an interesting addition to his story in the following recent news article. View the pictures →

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Goldy’s Tavern – Collingwood


003Goldy’s Tavern in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood is a little gem of a traditional style pub in the burbs which is a must see for the retro fans out there, or for those of us that lived with this décor the first time around. View the pictures →

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Arbory Afloat – Melbourne


thumbnail_IMG_4128Here’s a unique venue to try in Melbourne city. Arbory Afloat, as the name suggests, is a floating bar and restaurant on the Yarra River, in the heart of Melbourne. Each year for the past five, this floating casual bar has been operating on the river and this year the décor has been altered to recreate the feeling of an Australian beach house.

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