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CamperMate Ideas To Holiday Here This Year

This campaign was launched by Tourism Australia in January 2020, as part of a national bushfire recovery effort to encourage Australian’s to see their own backyard, whether it was for a weekend away or a longer journey. It was tapping into the idea that a lot of Australians wanted to assist communities impacted by the horrific bushfires experienced over the summer and promoted ideas to visit areas impacted directly or indirectly and spend in the shops, restaurants, hotels, caravan parks – anywhere and everywhere.

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Stop Shop & Support

In the November issue of Liquid Life & Leisure Magazine online, you can find some real ways to help communities doing it tough in rural areas around Australia. The current drought has been named as the worst on record for the Murray Darling Basin, Australia’s biggest river system. In some places drought conditions have been affecting them for more than 3 years. I think sometimes we take for granted where the food in our supermarkets comes from and only pay attention when prices go up and we find out the reasons why.

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A taste of Australia

Hay Plains NSW

With so many photos of stunning landscapes, beaches, National Parks and sunsets captured on our last holiday it’s hard to know where to start.  I have chosen just a few of my favourites (so far!) and have published them on the gallery pages for New South Wales and Queensland.  Even though it was winter time the weather although grey at times was still warmer than our home base in the Adelaide Hills.  Cloudy days just made for more stunning skies to photograph and helped to add interest to some pretty wonderful sunsets.

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Another road trip over

The Rig

The journey has finished but the memories will stay forever. Plenty of new towns discovered and destinations to be revisited!  The best thing about the driving holiday is getting to visit little and not so little gems of towns that you may or may not have heard of before, but feeling you’ve discovered a secret place that people need to know about. Throughout our journey one of the highlights was always the friendly, helpful, upbeat people who when they knew we were travelling through were more than happy to let us in on what their corner of Australia had to offer and what we “must see / must do” if you’ve got the time.  We took their advice and when time permitted, we saw, we did, we loved it, and we’ll be back!  There are a few things on the list to look forward to next time. Continue reading