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Yorke Peninsula Holiday Guide

It’s summertime and holidays spent lazing by a beach are calling.

If you live in South Australia then you’d be no stranger to Yorkes (Yorke Peninsula to non-South Australians) but maybe there are some parts you haven’t spent much time in yet.

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Tips for Caravanning Newbies

Overseas travel restrictions has seen an increase in caravan purchases and Aussies looking to get out and discover their own backyards. I’ve heard of incredibly long waiting lists, even up to a year, for people wanting to buy new caravans. With quite a few factories having to close during the worst of the Covid outbreak it’s not surprising that there is a backlog, especially when you realise that 90% of production of Australian vans takes place in Melbourne.

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Farina in Outback South Australia

I’ve never experienced another destination quite like Farina in the far north of South Australia. To a first time visitor it’s hard to imagine just why you might choose to have a holiday in a ghost town of stone ruins, on a dry and dusty sheep station in the outback, but spend a bit of time here and you may just get bitten by the Farina bug, figuratively not literally.

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Naturally Colourful Mid North South Australia

The Mid North region of South Australia has particularly eye catching views in spring, mainly due to it being Canola season. Driving through the region your eyes are assaulted with the most brilliant colours and the whole area looks like it’s been draped in a patchwork quilt of the brightest greens, yellows and purples, thanks to the Salvation Jane growing. As you drive along there are plenty of old stone ruins, bridges and farm houses to see.

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Ippinitchie Campground

While we were checking out the magnificent silo art in Wirrabara it gave us the perfect reason to try some free camping in the area, a town I had never stayed in before. This is just another reason why I think the idea of silo art is so important, it draws people to a town that might otherwise have been bypassed and we are happy to spend time and money while we are there.

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New destination guide on CamperMate

While I’m still away on a road trip I’ll leave you with a link to my latest destination guide on the campermate app.

Overland Corner – Beers and biosphere

While you’re there, check out the stories from my friend and fellow traveller, Miriam Blaker.