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Caught Inside: a Story of Survival


Caught Inside BookEarlier this year I wrote a blog post on an incredible book, the true story of South Australian shark attack survivor, Chris Blowes.

His miraculous recovery continues, and here’s an interesting addition to his story in the following recent news article. View the pictures →

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You Know You’re From Adelaide When…

Writers Week has come and gone for another year and like last year, I took advantage of local libraries live streaming the festival and went to my local library to listen in. One of the talks I was interested in seeing was called City Series. This chat involved 8 different Australian novelists and writers who in 2011, were given the task to write about their home cities. The idea was to explain our cities, not in a guidebook way, but rather in a way that evoked intense memories and resonated deeply with others experiences of their own cities, or to give others a deep sense of what it’s like to live in our particular cities.

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A Life On Our Planet ~ David Attenborough

The book begins with a visit to the town of Pripyat in the Ukraine, a place of utter despair as Sir David Attenborough calls it, and when you read his description of what he is seeing and realise it was the site of the nuclear power plant ‘Chernobyl’, then it’s easy to understand why the bleakness. In 1986 when it exploded as a result of bad planning and human error, it left an environmental catastrophe that Sir David Attenborough draws a shocking comparison to our current unfolding environmental catastrophe, the decline of our planets biodiversity. It is a book of hope though too, explaining how if we act now, we can alter our greatest mistake.

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Caught Inside – A Book of Hope

As I was reading this book, I found myself holding my breath, willing things to go right even though I knew the outcome. At one minute cheering on the inside, touched by the honesty and humanity of all the medical staff involved and then almost in tears, and this is all by page 42!

I’m sitting by a beach reading ‘Caught Inside’ the story of Chris Blowes, a young South Australian who on Anzac Day 2015 was surfing in the wrong spot at the wrong time and was attacked by a great white shark – not once, but twice.

The miraculous circumstances that led to him being saved by mates, carried up a cliff in a remote area of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, dedicated hard work by health professionals and then his subsequent recovery is quite incredible.

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Easy Dining at the Port Hughes Tavern

The locality of Port Hughes on Yorke Peninsula is just minutes from the town of Moonta and is a popular spot particularly for the fishing.  Whether you want to try your luck on the jetty or launch a boat from the multi laned boat ramp, it’s a well known spot for fishos to head to.  There are two caravan parks, a picturesque swimming beach, a store and café, and the Port Hughes Tavern is proving to be a big drawcard too.

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