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Supporting Australian Music as you Travel

November is Aus Music Month, a time to celebrate and support Australian music and artists. Having live music at venues for everyone to enjoy is something that is a real drawcard when we travel and if we are eating out or going somewhere for a drink, we quite often look to spend our time and money at hotels that have live music. We’ve had some really surprising and enjoyable times going to see unknown musicians or bands in Aussie pubs and they can really add to the enjoyment of a holiday.

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Family, Farm, Fathers Day

We have just marked Fathers Day again in Australia on the first Sunday in September and for us that means it’s celebrated the way many dads would want. The time is spent very simply, surrounded by family and pets, outdoors around a campfire, burning some BBQ meat over flames, with a nice bottle of red to share with gathered family and friends.

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Kaniva, a Town of Humour and Hospitality

The town of Kaniva is in the West Wimmera area of Victoria. It’s a perfect place to stop on the drive between Adelaide and Melbourne and in fact when you’re driving, its closer to Adelaide at 315 kilometres away, than to Melbourne with around 415 kilometres to go.

There’s a lot to see in Kaniva and you can’t miss for starters the big windmill as you drive into the main street of the town. It is there as a symbol of the abundant underground water supply in the town that supports this farming district. Surrounding the town are green farms, sheep stations, wheat fields and canola.

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Melbourne road trip and meeting the inspirational Miriam.

A very busy four days recently in Melbourne meant squeezing in a lot of must see and dos into a short space of time, but high on my list was to try and catch up and meet with a fellow writer whose work I’ve admired for a while, after having struck up a friendship through our blogs and Instagram posts. Miriam Blaker is a freelance writer and columnist, blogger and so much more.

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Australian Aboriginal Songlines

Recently there was a show on ABC television called Stargazing, an incredibly interesting show on watching and learning about the night sky. It explained what stars we see in the southern sky, what galaxies, constellations and more. However something I gained from watching that I wasn’t expecting, was learning a little about Aboriginal songlines.

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Permission to have fun!

Weeks of holidaying together in the same spot each year breeds familiarity, and it’s a good thing.  Everyone has their strengths and ideas are pooled (even the silly ones!)

We have a lot of shared dinners at our annual holiday and it’s because we really get to enjoy each other’s company, combine ideas for a menu for the evening meal, all help out with the prep and learn from each other. These slow, shared meals taste the best because so much time and effort has gone into them and dare I say they have that added ingredient of love, awwwww.

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