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Into an Enchanting Forest

We’ve all been looking for ways to enjoy any outdoor time we can steal in this time of social distancing and one of the greatest escapes has to be to visit a forest to enjoy being in the company of giant trees, breathing in the clean fresh air and seeing nature that looks like it’s come straight out of a fairytale.

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Finding the Resort at Home

Well we are seeing a lot of our homes lately so may as well make the most of our imaginations and create your own resort at home, especially while the weather is still warm enough to be getting outdoors and enjoying our gardens and sunshine. For a while now I’ve been finding inspiration from an Australian photographer and stylist, whose work I love, especially because of the mood her photographs portray.

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Love Where You Live

For the time being in Australia it’s a good idea to stay within your postcode area. On the bright side this does give you the benefit of getting to know your own neighbourhood better and perhaps see it in a new light. Now can also be a good time to practice your photography, experiment with your camera and gain more confidence in using it. We are fortunate to live near a beach which is usually a popular holiday area but thankfully most people have been adhering to the idea of staying at home for the moment. This is obviously hitting local businesses hard but they can be guaranteed that as soon as we can, we’ll be happily spending money with them, especially if it involves going out for a drink, a good meal and socialising again.

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Time to Get Creative

creative lifeThere’s always time for reading! I’d be lost without it and it takes all forms for me. Obviously I’m a big fan of magazines, especially those that promote travel in Australia, caravan and camping and 4WD destinations. I’m also a sucker for house décor and garden design magazines and as for books, I have a huge list noted down that have been recommended by bloggers, friends, websites, reviews I’ve read in newspapers and more. With isolation or at least keeping distances from crowded areas prudent at the moment there is the bonus of indulging in this pastime.

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Wrecks & Ruins of Innes National Park

Summer holidays are on the horizon and a lot of holidays are being planned involving heading to the beaches and coast to make the most of long hot days ahead. Many in South Australia will look towards Yorke Peninsula and a relaxing break in any one of the many small towns dotted along the coast. If you do visit the peninsula you should plan a journey to the bottom end, and Innes National Park. Innes is a park filled with breathtaking coastal scenery, picture worthy (instagrammable) roads and tracks throughout, wandering wildlife, eye catching wildflowers, accessible shipwrecks and even…a ghost town.

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Currency Creek Railway Bridge

Yet again I’ve been inspired to get out and discover a location thanks to Instagram! This time it’s a railway bridge in the locality of Currency Creek in SA. Currency Creek and the location of this railway bridge is 5.5 kilometres out of Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula. There is a park on the side of the main road through to Goolwa, ‘Lions Park’ which is maintained by the Lions Club of Goolwa and the Alexandrina Council.

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Byron Bay


Surfing Hotspots in Australia

surferPick any day of any season and you will find people out in the surf somewhere along the coastline of Australia. The continent is known as having some of the best waves in the world and therefore some of the best surfers in the world. If you’re looking for some of the top surf regions there are plenty of recognized ones to choose from including 80 in New South Wales, 25 in Queensland, 30 in South Australia, 9 in Tasmania, 30 in Victoria and 33 in Western Australia.

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