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Uraidla Hotel


Uraidla Hotel, Adelaide Hills

Uraidla HotelIf you’ve experienced a freezing cold southern Australian winter you’ll know just how important it is to look for a cosy destination to get yourself out and about for a day. A region close to everyone’s hearts when you think of surrendering to the wintry weather is the Adelaide Hills, and seeking refuge in a friendly pub with a wood fire burning is high on the list of reasons to visit.

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Prahran Market Melbourne

Prahran MarketWow, where to begin with Prahran Market. Perhaps I should start with… this is one of the best city markets I’ve been to in that you can walk around without being overwhelmed by a squash of people and an assault of sounds and aromas as tends to be the case for me with others. The market has been around since 1864 but the renovated indoor area known as Harvest Hall was commemorated in 2013.These markets are a great way to spend a leisurely Sunday, picking up supplies needed for the week or just wandering around and taking in the sights before buying something to lunch on and people watch. More on that later…

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Bull and Mouth Hotel Horsham


Bull and Mouth Hotel – Horsham

Bull and Mouth Hotel HorshamIf you’re in the town of Horsham in Victoria and looking for a character filled, friendly hotel with an impressive menu, look no further than the Bull and Mouth hotel in Wilson Street Horsham. We had been given a recommendation to eat here and are so glad that we went along to find out for ourselves.

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Horsham regional art gallery


Arty Horsham in Victoria

Horsham regional art galleryIt always pays to visit local and regional art galleries in my opinion because you never know what treasures you will discover. On a recent trip to Melbourne we stopped in the town of Horsham and decided to see the current exhibition at Horsham Regional Art Gallery.

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Bordertown SA


Tolmer Park Bordertown

Tolmer Park BordertownA favourite rest stop for a lot of travellers driving from Adelaide to Melbourne is the park in Bordertown with a tranquil creek flowing through and a terrific bakery to visit. Just a short detour off the main Dukes Highway takes you to this pleasant little oasis where you can stretch the legs, have a toilet break, then refuel on something tasty while taking in the peaceful outdoor surroundings.

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welcome to Victoria


Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne (A8 Western Highway)

Grampians National ParkThe drive from Adelaide to Melbourne can easily be done in a day but with so much to see along the way why not take your time and break up the trip with an overnight stay along the way. You can take the longer scenic route to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road or the shorter inland route on National Highway A8 which also affords great views of country Australia.

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