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Geelong bollards


Geelong Street Art

Geelong bollardsThe regional city of Geelong is a little over 75 kilometres from Melbourne and a very creative place to discover. The painted bollards that decorate the foreshore of town are something that people may be familiar with, but my quest on very limited time was to also find some of the amazing street art around town. Looking for street art I find is a good way to stretch your legs when travelling and to get your bearings in a new town, especially if like me, you finish up backtracking and revisiting places, walking in circles! Eventually you work out where you’ve been and where to head next.

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Adnate street art


Street Art in Warrnambool

street art WarrnamboolThe town of Warrnambool in Victoria has a profusion of public art to find as you walk the streets and alleyways. From statues to whole wall murals, quirky smaller pieces and mosaics, there are a multitude of artistic styles to find.

Here’s a few of the examples I found around town.

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Great white shark


Portland – The birthplace of Victoria

Portland VictoriaThe town of Portland has a busy major port used for the export of grains, cattle, sheep and most obviously to travellers when you see the port, woodchips and logs. The port is located between Adelaide and Melbourne and is very close to the forestry industry in the region known as the Green Triangle, referring to the pine forest plantations in South Australia.

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Lake Pertobe Warrnambool


48 hours in Warrnambool

Lake Pertobe WarrnamboolLet’s face it, 48 hours at any destination is never going to be enough to see and do it all, but I think we had a fair crack at it when visiting Warrnambool. As always, interests and weather conditions play a big part in deciding what to see and do, but here are some tips on ways to spend the time.

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Apollo Bay


Apollo Bay – Great Ocean Road

Apollo BayApollo Bay is another destination on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria that wows you from which ever direction you arrive. The town that hugs the bay spreads upwards with houses built on the hillsides giving panoramic views of the town and bay. The Pisces Big 4 Apollo Bay Holiday Park also takes advantage of its position, being nestled into the hillside with just the Great Ocean Road separating it from a coastal walking path and the ocean. The caravan park has all the amenities you would expect with the bonus of a pool and an excellent play area for the kids including a bike track and basketball court.

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Jan Juc Victoria


Take off to Torquay

Torquay VictoriaAnyone who knows their surf destinations has heard about Torquay, the birthplace of surf culture in Australia. Even if you’re not a surfer you would probably have heard of a few names synonymous with this laid back beach town such as Bells Beach, Ripcurl and Quicksilver.  Bells Beach is known worldwide for hosting one of the pro surf competitions on the circuit and the surfwear labels of Ripcurl and Quicksilver both started in Torquay back in 1969.  Today all things surf related still weave a thread through every inch of this town.

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