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Freelance travel writing and caravanning in Australia.


Autumn in the Adelaide Hills

If you follow my Instagram account you couldn’t help but see the overload of autumn colour at the moment. It’s hard not to be dazzled by all the fiery shades of the leaves that are adorning so many trees and vines in the region I live in, the Adelaide Hills. There are a number of regions in Australia that are known for their displays of autumn foliage but trust me the Adelaide Hills are right up there with the best.

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Royal Flying Doctor Service Australia

May this year marks 90 years that the Royal Flying Doctor Service has been operating in Australia. This is a group that I donate to every year because of the uniqueness of what they do and how necessary it is in our vast country.

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Wish You Were Here

Apart from this being my all-time favourite Pink Floyd song, this phrase seems to pop up in my life frequently. I’ve also used it a lot, in a genuine way. When we’ve stumbled across a perfect landscape or beach to camp at my other half and I have quite often remarked ‘(insert names)…would love this place’ and we can picture sharing a walk, a drive, a meal, a happy hour with good friends and family there. Some places or settings have just screamed out to us of certain people in our lives that we could easily picture joining us and loving it.

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Recipe for a Good Weekend for a Writer / Photographer

This Sunday in Australia is Mother’s Day or as with a lot of special days in our house it extends to the whole weekend!

After having travelled for long distances and lived simply out of a caravan, it becomes very clear that we don’t need so much ‘stuff’ in our lives to make us happy and content. It is lovely though to celebrate special days and give in to what we really want to be doing rather than have to.

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The Quick Visit Guide to Melbourne

Melbourne city here we come! Without the caravan unfortunately on this occasion, but with the purpose of seeing where my son and girlfriend have had to relocate for their careers. So a quick road trip and visit was planned but as always with some sightseeing, side tracking, must do’s thrown in.

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Let’s Go Caravan and Camping!

Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take over the ‘Let’s Go Caravan and Camping’ Instagram page for a week.

Let’s Go Caravan and Camping Australia  provides information on holiday parks, destinations, caravans and more, to give Aussies resources to plan a family getaway in the great outdoors. I was thrilled to have the opportunity therefore to take over their Instagram and show a favourite spot in South Australia for not only my family but a lot of locals and visitors alike.

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It’s a Takeover!

Exciting News! As of tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 18th April, I will be taking over the ‘Let’s Go Caravan and Camping’ Instagram account.  Make sure to follow along @letsgocaravancamping to see what I’ve got in store to share for the next week. I guarantee you will see some spectacular coastal scenery,  unique places to wine and dine, and more from an incredibly scenic part of South Australia.

For the week of the takeover I plan to show off a really special place that has been a holiday favourite for my family and friends for many years. Follow along from tomorrow afternoon to be inspired to go out and enjoy the caravan and camping lifestyle!