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Australian Aboriginal Songlines

Recently there was a show on ABC television called Stargazing, an incredibly interesting show on watching and learning about the night sky. It explained what stars we see in the southern sky, what galaxies, constellations and more. However something I gained from watching that I wasnโ€™t expecting, was learning a little about Aboriginal songlines.

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5 things you might not expect at Cape Le Grand National Park

The current edition of On The Road magazine has my story on visiting Cape Le Grand National Park in Western Australia but here are a few behind the story stories of things you may not expect.

Cape Le Grand National Park and in particular Lucky Bay, were high on the list of places Iโ€™ve always wanted to visit in Western Australia. The main reason was to see the beach that Iโ€™d noticed being consistently voted as having the whitest sand of all Australiaโ€™s beaches and that combined with crystal clear turquoise water AND kangaroos on the beach โ€“ You had me!

What I wasnโ€™t expecting but you might just want to add to your trip notes were:

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