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Duke of Wellington Hotel


AFL Football Finals Are Here

MCGWhether you are a follower of Australian Rules Football (AFL) or not there’s no escaping the hype as the AFL finals season comes around. For some teams and supporters the season is done and dusted, roll on cricket season, but for others the hope of taking out the ultimate prize and winning the grand final is still a possibility or a slim chance.

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Adelaide Oval


Aussie Rules Football…or should that be Women Rule!

Adelaide Crows Football ClubAustralian Rules Football season is on us and the men’s teams are battling it out each week to be top dogs in our national sport. To go and watch a game at its highest level is an exhilarating outing, even if you are not entirely sure of the rules (who is?) the spectacle of colour, noise and passion is something to behold.  I’m not a fan of crowds but the stadiums the games are held in aren’t too bad for getting crowds in and out without too much fuss.

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