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Australia Day – G’day

The 26th of January is currently recognised as Australia Day, a day to celebrate all things we love about Australia, the land, the lifestyle, the diversity, the nature and animals and the people that make this country the place we call home.  I say currently recognised, as one day the date may change, a contentious issue for some.

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Australia Day Long Weekend

This weekend puts a nice fullstop at the end of summer holidays as it’s the Australia Day Long Weekend. It’s like the last blast of squeezing everything quintessential and fun in the way of Aussie pastimes, into one weekend.

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Byron Bay


I love Australia, today and every day.

Today is Australia Day and for me it’s a day to celebrate everything good about this country and how lucky we are to live here. A day to respect our indigenous people and the generations that have been before us and to look forward to where we are going. To me Australia Day is being glad that I was born in this country and proud of its people – indigenous, multi-generational Aussies, people who have immigrated here and those that found their way here as refugees but are grateful and happy to be here and are making this a better country. You only have to read about the nominees and winners of the Australia Day awards to be very confident and proud of the wealth of talent, knowledge and heart our country has.

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Happy Australia Day from Esperance WA

img_3114We started our stay here by going to the visitor information centre and historical village, after all why not hear what the locals believe are the best places to visit.  We spoke to some very knowledgeable and happy locals who were eager to share info on their favourite places to visit.  Also got some great tips from a local photographer, Sally Nevin of White Sands Gallery about good spots to visit and what time of day.

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