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Megafauna of Central Australia


A fascinating museum has opened in Todd Mall in Alice Springs where you can see fossils and re-created megafauna of central Australia. The first of the fossils were discovered on a cattle station around 150 kilometres north east of Alice Springs in the 1950s and the process of extracting more is still continuing today.

An aboriginal station hand made the first discovery of a bone that didn’t belong to any animal living in the area and scientists travelled to the area to investigate.  What they found was the largest fossil bed site of Miocene period megafauna in Australia.

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Local and Rural Australian Museums

A great pastime to learn more about areas when you’re travelling around Australia is to visit local museums. Sometimes even the smallest towns have one and they are usually manned by volunteers with admission prices very reasonable.  They are another way of delving into the history of an area and you usually see the story behind how and when the towns were first settled and the industrial or agricultural history and stories behind them.

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