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Dandenong Ranges Day Trip

A day trip heading into the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria will give you just a taste for this region and have you wanting to come back for more. It’s only an hour out of Melbourne but it feels like a world away from the city and even in winter, or maybe especially, it has a charm to lure you back.

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Public Art Like Nowhere Else

I’ve written before of how I’m a big fan of street art or urban art especially when it brightens up what would otherwise be a dingy laneway or when it shines a light on otherwise unused areas of blank urban wall space.

The other art that catches my eye when travelling are sculptures or statues. Not so much the historic statues of explorers or founding fathers sitting or standing in posed positions but rather the more modern takes on statues that are dedicated to citizens of a community or a way of life in a certain region.

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