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A Change in the Seasons – Soon

Aussie summer sunsetSummer is meant to be over in Australia, but in South Australia at least we are getting one last blast of heat it seems. Not that I mind at all, the few chilly mornings and evenings we have experienced so far are a reminder of what’s coming soon enough. South Australia has had a hotter and drier summer than usual and in fact experienced our hottest day ever, since records began, when the temperature reached 46.6 (over 115 degrees) in the city of Adelaide, and even hotter in other regions. We definitely don’t need any more days like that but we are still expecting a week of temperatures in the 30s.

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Autumn in the Adelaide Hills

If you follow my Instagram account you couldn’t help but see the overload of autumn colour at the moment. It’s hard not to be dazzled by all the fiery shades of the leaves that are adorning so many trees and vines in the region I live in, the Adelaide Hills. There are a number of regions in Australia that are known for their displays of autumn foliage but trust me the Adelaide Hills are right up there with the best.

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