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Brewing up ideas for a relaxing holiday.

Finally the sun is out, your holiday plans are being hatched and packing lists are at the ready. One of the best parts of a holiday for me is finding what the local area has to offer in the way of food, wine and even beer. We are finding more and more craft breweries, micro-breweries or just latest trendy beer producers calling themselves craft brewers, popping up in, or near popular holiday destinations in Australia. Some we’ve found by happy accident while others have been on the must visit list if they were anywhere near where we’ve been headed.

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Giants on land and in the water.

img_0424After leaving Albany we just popped over to Denmark (in WA that is). We did our quick camp set up which we are becoming a well drilled team at now, then took a scenic drive and found  Denmark Farmhouse Cheese, which is also home to Ducketts Mill Wines.  What a perfect combination, cheese and wine at a one stop shop.

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