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First Camping Trips – Remember when…?

iCamping at Scott Bay

I was looking through some old photo albums this week and came across the old west coast camping trip photos. Our very early days of camping / fishing trips saw us venture over 900kms from Adelaide, to the far west coast of South Australia to a place called Scott Bay. Here in a convoy of 3 or 4 cars and a trailer with dirt bikes we would head off into the sunset feeling like explorers. We would spend two weeks camping rough, way before ‘survivor’ was even thought of.

Our travelling music of choice when radio stations ran out was cassettes, usually Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel and The Barking Spiders Live. (Look that one up!) We would amuse ourselves over the long drive with silly conversations over CB radios and the odd game of trivial pursuit, again over the CB.

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Nature’s television!


Ahh the campfire. Is there anything better when you’re travelling than to pull up a comfy chair next to a crackling fire? Add to that a glass of red or a smooth port and you’ve settled in to watch nature’s television. It’s such a great way to swap stories with family or friends and for the yarns to run free. Some of the most memorable times we’ve had have been sitting around a fire and letting the conversations wander along with no one keen to leave the mesmerising fire or the good company surrounding it.

It’s also a great way to mull over the day that’s been and consider the plans going ahead, not to mention a great way to relax at the end of a busy day. If you’re lucky some campsites in caravan parks or free camps have fire pits ready to use or else taking a small brazier and heat beads is a good start and you can usually pick up small bags of firewood at petrol stations.

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