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9 Top Tips for Free Camping


For those contemplating free camping it can seem a little daunting, but with a bit of preparation you may find it will be your favourite (and cheapest) way to experience a caravan holiday in Australia.

The phrase free camping can cover a few different options from roadside stops on highways, to more remote off the beaten track coastal camps, or even low cost camping where you pay a small fee via an honour box to stay in a council managed campground.

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Best Free Camps SA & NT


It’s spring time and the weather is warming up, holidays are beckoning and caravanners and campers are planning their next outing.

When planning a long road trip it can be good to mix up your accommodation options between caravan parks, national parks, stations and free camps and all appeal for different reasons.

With a caravan park you can book ahead and be assured of a site, national parks are great for being in amongst nature but don’t allow dogs, stations can be a wonderful way to see the real Australia and can have more relaxed rules than other stays and then there is free camping.

For those that haven’t tried it, it can be a daunting idea, but these days many people are trying it, with most caravans coming standard with 12 volt power, solar panels and water storage, not to mention ensuite bathrooms.

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Travel The Explorers Way SA to NT


An epic Aussie road trip is to drive through the centre of the country from south to north, along the Explorers Way ~ Stuart Highway. Read my latest story for what to see and expect on this drive, on CamperMate

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Tips for Caravanning Newbies

Overseas travel restrictions has seen an increase in caravan purchases and Aussies looking to get out and discover their own backyards. I’ve heard of incredibly long waiting lists, even up to a year, for people wanting to buy new caravans. With quite a few factories having to close during the worst of the Covid outbreak it’s not surprising that there is a backlog, especially when you realise that 90% of production of Australian vans takes place in Melbourne.

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Travel Writing In a Time of No Travel

If you’re involved in travel writing or other tourism industries you may have seen work grind to a halt in a lot of ways in the past couple of months, let’s face it, it’s a bit hard selling the dreams of travel when there’s nowhere to go. But for the glass half full people like myself there are still plenty of ways to stay involved.

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