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Cleaning Up Our Beaches


Like most Australians, many of our holidays are spent by the coast and we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches and spectacular coastline in Australia. Whether you spend time in the water or simply taking a stroll along the beach it sadly doesn’t take long to find some rubbish.

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Environmentally Friendly Caravanning

South Australian beachI think if you ask most caravanners, the biggest motivation for caravan holidays is to enjoy the slow travel lifestyle including being immersed in all aspects of the country. Every landscape, deep red dirt, stark white sand, bone shaking gravel roads, the dead straight black tar or winding ribbons of roads are all aspects of the journey. Then there are the forests, deserts, cliff edges, plains and lazy days on coasts. With all the devastation of bushfires and droughts experienced throughout the country lately, it has had me wondering how much caravanning contributes to carbon emissions and what can be done to lessen our impact on the country while enjoying holidays on the road.

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