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South Melbourne Market


thumbnail_IMG_3993Markets, whether small country town outdoor ones or big city permanent fixtures, are always something I like to seek out for a number of reasons. They can be quite a tourist attraction in their own right, with all the sights, colours and aromas and they give you a true feel for the region and its people. They are of course also a fantastic source for fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, seafood and meats. The atmosphere is always busy and buzzing with life which is something we’ve all missed for the past year, so it’s nice to feel some of that normal society busy life again. View the pictures →

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Prahran Market Melbourne

Prahran MarketWow, where to begin with Prahran Market. Perhaps I should start with… this is one of the best city markets I’ve been to in that you can walk around without being overwhelmed by a squash of people and an assault of sounds and aromas as tends to be the case for me with others. The market has been around since 1864 but the renovated indoor area known as Harvest Hall was commemorated in 2013.These markets are a great way to spend a leisurely Sunday, picking up supplies needed for the week or just wandering around and taking in the sights before buying something to lunch on and people watch. More on that later…

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