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Making a list,checking it twice…… that is.

Holiday recipes

It’s time to open up the caravan cookbook again and add a few more ideas to the choices of quick food to prepare on holidays, from a caravan.

Summer holidays means sourcing new salad recipes, ones that can be a meal in themselves and any other light, quick recipes that don’t take a lot of effort or need too many ingredients. I put together a book of favourites with photos of the places we’ve been to, but for everyday use in the van I have a soft folder of full of plastic sleeves with heaps of recipes in it.  The pages get moved in and out depending on popularity and success and I’m always adding to it.

Here are a couple of my favourites that never fail.

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Packing Lists and Recipe Tips.

Holiday recipes

I can’t help myself, I’m a list person. Over the years I’ve found that it takes the stress out of planning a holiday if you have a ready list of things to pack. Then it’s as easy as printing it from the computer and crossing items off as they are put in the van, camper trailer or car. The lists have expanded to include different holiday types or locations over the years but they are all filed away on the computer for when they are needed.

In the camper trailer days there were roller crates to wheel in and out of storage from the trailer. There was the gas gear crate, the pantry crate for all the food, another for tarps, ropes and pegs etc… Some things were always packed and ready to go but I had a list of what to pack in the pantry crate to print off and check.   There were staples like long life milk, flour, tinned food such as tomatoes and all types of beans (great for adding to one pot campfire casseroles) and assorted pasta. I’d put in stock powders, dried herbs and spices, instant gravies and tinned fish. Then last but not least I would pack in the “Holiday Cookbook”. Basically this was a folder of plastic sleeves I made, which was filled with a variety of quick and easy meals for when you’re camping and have limited cooking equipment and ingredients. In the early days it was anything that could be cooked either on a BBQ or in a pot or pan on a small gas cooker. Everything from breakfasts through to happy hour snacks and evening meals and even desserts were taken care of in one handy book. Continue reading