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Noticing the Simple Things.

Horseshoe Bay South AustraliaYou know what it’s like, holidays and weekends are too short and when the weather is perfect there are so many ideas to pack into a short amount of time. I find that taking photos can challenge you to practice mindfulness and being in the moment, by noticing all the simple things in life that bring you joy and add a sense of calm.

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Let’s Go Caravan and Camping!

Recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take over the ‘Let’s Go Caravan and Camping’ Instagram page for a week.

Let’s Go Caravan and Camping Australia  provides information on holiday parks, destinations, caravans and more, to give Aussies resources to plan a family getaway in the great outdoors. I was thrilled to have the opportunity therefore to take over their Instagram and show a favourite spot in South Australia for not only my family but a lot of locals and visitors alike.

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Fabulous Fleurieu – Goolwa and Port Elliot

I’ve just paid another visit to the fabulous Fleurieu region in South Australia discovering more things to see and do in the restful havens of Goolwa and Port Elliot.  So close to Adelaide they are easily visited in a day trip or better still for a quick weekend away, but to really live the lifestyle of the locals stay a few days to unwind, chill and soak it up.

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Holidays stay with you forever

 Today my daughter turned 21! A beautiful milestone and a day to be celebrated.  So with a party happening soon, I asked my daughter what would she like to do on her actual birthday, just the two of us.  But she didn’t answer with go shopping, go out somewhere for lunch or anything terribly indulgent.  What she wanted and needed was to jump in the car and head to a favourite family holiday spot, a beach town that we’ve been going to every year since she was born (and before).

Many happy holidays have been spent here, from playing on the swings at the beach to feeding ducks in the local park, riding a tourist train to getting buried in the sand.

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Port Elliot Top 5 things to do.

Port Elliot Caravan Park

You’ll find one of South Australia’s best caravan parks just over 80kms from Adelaide. Port Elliot and the gorgeous Horseshoe Bay are well known to SA locals and it’s a popular place year round.  With springs arrival and daylight savings on the horizon there’s no better time to hook on the van and discover what’s on offer in Port Elliot. Here is my list of all-time top 5 things to do when you are holidaying along this spectacular coastline on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

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On the Road to Port Elliot

IMG_3853The May / June edition of On The Road Magazine is out now!  Pick up a copy today and make sure you check out my article on Port Elliot in South Australia. A beautiful spot at any time of the year but soon it will be whale season, just another reason to stay in this lovely town. The Port Elliot Holiday Park is situated on Horseshoe Bay and offers views like this every day.